Hello thanks for stopping by! 

Natural light. Natural moments. Natural you.  

These simple statements embrace all I try and capture.  Imagery with an artistic edge and care. My aim is to document life in an unique way, to create images which portray the beauty in every individual and capture moments which future generations will smile at. 

Based in the leafy suburbs of Kloof near Durban, South Africa, I embrace and celebrate nature's backdrops using natural light photography. 

My background and training lies in Marketing and Communications. Over 20 years ago in one of my Marketing roles I was encouraged to take some photographs for a brochure and my love for creative imagery and story telling was sparked.  

In 2009 I started to photograph families - as a young mom I realised the great value in capturing milestones. Since then I have branched into corporate portraits, content imagery, pre-dance moments and for my own creative outlet nature and travel! 

I am a Canon girl and I use my understanding of the psychology behind a photo to make you feel comfortable and relaxed during the shoot.  My packages are based on type of shoot, length of shooting and number of images. 

Oh yes...my name is Camilla Blomfield and I would love to meet you. Drop me an email on camilla@freshshoots.co.za and let's chat some more. 

Lovely words from clients 

"I am so grateful that my random Google search for "natural light, maternity photography" led me to Camilla! Since first contact, you are met timeously with professionalism, warmth and enthusiasm. We secured a shoot date soon and her turnaround time with editing is amazing! She is incredibly talented and created a wonderful, special experience with my family and was super patient and kind to my toddler. It's so rare to LOVE every single photo that is taken - she managed to capture the essence of my family so beautifully. Thank you!"


"Camilla knows how to bring out the best in you. She has a fantastic eye and is so natural in her approach. She is my go to for capturing any special moment to share with generations."


"Camilla has the ability to take ordinary scenes and ordinary people and make magic. Her calm way makes you somehow comfortable and confident to be photographed."


“I am so grateful to Camilla of Freshshoots for my business profile photoshoot. She captured me and the essence of my business so creatively. Having put the shoot off for years, Camilla made it a fun and efficient exercise, guiding me on where to sit, stand and how to pose, and styled each shot beautifully using décor in my home. I now have profile photos I can use confidently on my website, social media platforms and for presentations.”  


"Always fun with you! Just love them all, can't choose!"


"Year after year compliments flood in when we share our Smarty Box Preschool photos so beautifully captured by Freshshoots. Artistry, nature, light and fun, individual characters shining through and exquisite, canvas-worthy pictures every time!" 


"Camilla has this unique ability to capture the essence of a person in a single shaft of light and colour. There is definitely some kind of magic in her shots - images transform from ordinary scenes into extraordinary moments."